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Persons who have served time in jail or prison including sex offenders, even those who haven't satisfied their obligations to register, have always been with us.

The best way to cut risk is to take sensible precautions concerning where, when and what you are doing. Additional personal safety questions can be answered by the Sheriff's Office at 509-574-2625. They make the laws and are responsible to you and your concerns. Talk to your families regarding not only sex offenders, but every aspect of life that could be a danger to them.

Please present your case number and tell the cashier you want to pay your ticket. To pay your ticket by credit or debit card, please call our reception line, 509-574-1800.

If you choose to mail in your payment in full, you should first call the Yakima County District Court to find out the payoff amount. They will forward you to the next available cashier.

That information is then forwarded by the Sheriff's Office to the agency with law enforcement jurisdiction over the sex offender's registered address.

The day-to-day monitoring of the sex offender's registered address is handled by the law enforcement agency with jurisdiction over the address.

Past criminal history, conviction data, and psychological behavioral evaluations are considered.

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Until recently, there were few agencies on the local level with practices in place to level offenders who were never incarcerated in a state facility or had been released prior to the implementation of leveling by State DOC.

The term Sex Offender Registration Law actually refers to the Community Protection Act of 1990 which basically outlines the requirement of any adult or juvenile who has been convicted of any of the sex offenses listed below after February 28, 1990, or was still on active supervision for such an offense at that time, or who has been committed as a sexually violent predator to register their address with law enforcement.